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Le novembre. [Jan. 26th, 2012|12:59 am]
[Feeling |boredbored]
[If this entry was a song it would be |Holocene - Bon Iver]

1: Monday: More mallin' but mostly because F.'s Sherlock Holmes was NOT working. Tuesday: B.P.'s fashion show in Mitchell Hall that night included Nina Garcia of Project Runway fame (F. sent D. pics to make her jealous) and giveaway bags containing makeup Wednesday: Now time for Peds, after a trying first day, F., M.T., T.G., and M.Q. wind back at Timothy's too bad it's not popping Thursday: After sleeping over at M.T.'s, F. goes straight to McDowell for a lab. That's great. Friday: Who gets to skip Peds for a day of sitting around and eating food? F. does. Still at a hospital though. Kildare's for the night starring F., M.T., R.K., T.G., K.S., A.S. O.S., J.F., T.K., M.M., etc. Saturday: After some errands, F. heads to the gym after eating a whole thing of Spam. Delicious. For nightly activities, M.T., T.G., O.S., J.F., B.L. head to Kildare's and then PeaceAPizza to end the night on a good note Sunday: Girl's dinner at Kate's tonight, 1/2 priced entrees starring M.T., O.S., D.S., and F. Later that night, K.M. takes F. to TacoBell. How romantic...

2: Monday: F. and J.H. in Oncology, F. is a Hermione in class, J. is one in the exams. Tuesday: Gymming is pretty much the highlight of F.'s day. Wednesday: F. is the happiest that she finally got to play with a baby that day. But the most upset that a certain boy didn't sleepover. Bipolar day indeed. Thursday: F. accompanying A. at ClubMorris to return that camera from forever ago. IHOP for brunch, and later, Dunkin for the energy to continue on in rotation. Friday: F. and M.T. at Mizu having a nice sushi dinner, later that night, F. and several others at some kind of initiation thing. Iron Hill Brewery for dinner with the parental units, cute. Saturday: HOMECOMING. F. gets served at DDB (D. Deli & Bagel), O.S. and E.K. come over for some pregaming. At Grotto's way too packed for words, they head off down south in attempt to get to the stadium. Running into K.M. F. is PISSED that he doesn't want to go down with them. Even more pissed when she gets to the party and D.R. wouldn't let D. use the bathroom. At M.T.'s tailgate, F., D.S., S.P., R.T., T.G., play games and eat foods, B.L. and F. touch the popo's horsies. Sunday: Some mallin' for this relaxing day, and some Harry Potter in the night.

3: Monday: Class and gym, move along. Tuesday: Surprise, more gym. Wednesday: F. finally gets to hold the babies she so desperately wanted to hold those last 2 weeks. Missing M.T. during her soup and fries. Thursday: Catherine Rooneys: "the gayest thing I've been to in awhile" says F. mostly because of the crowd. It's a Timothy's in a smaller place with no bathroom upstairs. Great y'all. Friday: It's Kildare's for the night, M.T., E.K., D.A., O.S., J.F., L.R. Saturday: F. hanging at the JerseyShore House for the night, aka F. blacked out. Sunday: Funtimes because no hangover is involved, F. does the gym thing.

4: Monday: F. is really enjoying this habit, spreading the word to B.S. later that night, at the JerseyShore House playing 21 questions, whoops another blackout for F.Tuesday: 1/2 price nachos. Duh. Wednesday: Everyone's back to their respective homelands for Thanksgiving, F. at Minado with daddy dearest, because who else would pay that much money for dinner? Later that night, at Speakeasy, but that's only because F. is in her Boardwalk Empire phase. Thursday: W.'s ManCave. Funtimes. Friday: At the Whale's Tale, V.A. spills beer all over F.'s pants. Some 3 am sushi at JR Sushi starring F., A., and V.A. as well as MMA fighter Chris Weidman? IDK. Saturday: Mallin' the right way at the outlets, F. snagging the most perfect black pair of motorcycle boots at Calvin Klein for 60% off hello Thanksgiving sales. In the evening, F., M.N., A., K., very strangely try to have a WestEnd night, F. goes back to W.'s because she doesn't want to eat at 10 pm, K. disappears into the night.

Christmastime coming up, moving along...

xoxo G.G.
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October. [Jan. 26th, 2012|12:00 am]
[Feeling |busybusy]
[If this entry was a song it would be |Oh, Why - Balam Acab]

My oh my, where has the time gone?
It's January and I have a lot to catch up on so let's get started...

1: Monday: F. loving the free pumpkin spice coffee for all the Mondays in October. Tuesday: FGP: Flu shot Gym Printing, F.'s life is so glamorous. And now it's time for the MedSurg rotation. Wednesday: D. and F. at BrewHaHa studying, or whatever. A sleepover at the CiderMills starring F. and M.T. Thursday: Some library time happening, that's great. Friday: After clinicals, F. does her duties in McDowell despite the fact that she was just mallin'. It's Tim's night and F. meets R.L., from one of the most special fraternities on campus, I wonder how that's gonna work out... Saturday: What did they do that night, no one knows... Sunday: It's Deer Park night, and with B.L., F. braves the upstairs where it is townies galore.

2: Monday: F. at the little B, then at McDowell Hall to proctor, what a great student. For A.'s sorority, Claymont Steak shop eating some philly cheesesteaks Tuesday: A.M. and F. trying to be good students and going to pick up their assignments, too bad it doesn't matter, at least there was free Dunkin involved. Some McDowell and Morris errands. F. finds herself at D.R.'s Cleveland home. Is this really happening senior year? Nope, she goes home for clinicals. That was close though. Wednesday: After clinicals, F. finds herself in another throwback, this time the gym facility of Harrington which she hasn't ventured into since freshman year when she didn't know what the little Bob even looked like. Too bad it's full of freshies that she couldn't (and didn't even want to) ogle. Thursday: More clinicals. Life. Friday: A. and F. going mallin', chickensnacks being a must and a stop at Sephora. Checking in at Timothy's, but it's dead so it's over to Kate's with the JerseyShore crew. An afterparty at IHOP, starring F., T.W....and K.M. and his friends? Here's me shrugging my shoulders. In addition, a guy making fun of F. in front of K.M.'s causes a brawl of sorts. JerseyShore indeed. Saturday: Another Jersey Shore night. Sunday: It's the end of this clinicals, and F. sends in her paper with 5 minutes to spare. Good job.

3: Monday: Mallin' as always for A. and F., and later, hanging out at Pike, the frattiest frat. Tuesday: At the gym, A.P. and F., and C.L. outside of it asking F. for advice. What is up with him? At Klondike Kate's, A. and F. doing 1/2 price nachos, fo course. Wednesday: Clinicals. And Pike. At Kate's later in the night, F., B.L., T.W., J.G., D.P. taking part in A.'s nacho eating contest. While getting ready to get into bed, F. gets a text from none other than D.S. "come over!" Uh, no. Thursday: Clinicals and gym, the ush. Friday: Timothy's night, M.T. checks everyone in basically, everyone. Saturday: J.H. and F. being good girls at the Special Olympics, oh volunteering. Grotto's pretty early in the evening, why again? Oh well, J.K., D.K., and A.M. are all there, lucky for F. ending at her old place, then meeting up with the crew for Paranormal Activity 3. Sunday: A. and F. at IHOP for UNLIMITED PANCAKES! Yes, it's that serious. It's the night before an Onco midterm, and F. finds out that D.S. and her doppleganger of sorts were at the library at the same time as her. Oh that makes for some good studying thoughts..

4: Monday: Guess who sucks at Onco today. Good thing there's a midterm. At least F. isn't kicked out of that honor society she's just about to get initiated into? Tuesday: Staples, F. buys a pink clipboard. Very unlike her. It's Grotto's/Kildare's night so M.T.'s got the check-in covered. Wednesday: Along with today marking the end of the 2nd clinical, F. also marks this day as that time she was a hipster photographer, doing an event for A. Thursday: Everything's caught up, F. doesn't even want to go out, while A. is out with the biggie. Friday: It's Halloween time let's get some costumes going: F.=Spanish Senorita (who became muy drunko for some reason and ended up eating invisible ketchup and making a fool out of herself at Tim's), A=Nicki Minaj ("I'm Nicki Minaj!" She was practicing for days...), K.F.=Native American princess, A.P., J.H., and J.H. (pirates), a pretty ridiculous night to start the Halloweekend. Saturday: So many hungover people at NDB in the morning, F. gave a girl a deathstare seeing that she was wearing last night's Black Swan eye makeup still. Trash. Pregaming with the boys next door, F.=BlackSwan (yep, hence the morning's deathstare), A.=Snow Angel She's blinged out and in white, K.F. =reindeer (C.S. and J.R. so infatuated they wanted a threesome), C.S. and J.R.=some basketball thing, T.S.=Gerald from Her Arnold yes, K.M.=handyman (idk he was wearing a belt with tools in it), B.L.=caveman, D.S.=Puss in Boots. Yes, it looks like they all went to K.M.'s, JerseyShore drama in the form of A. and D., let's all just go to bed already please...Sunday: Final Halloween night, F.=some girl from the future but as she consistently got mistaken for Cleopatra, she decided she was futuristic Cleopatra. D.=cat? something in that family...Kate's is the place to be and R.K. is spotted right on the porch wearing a schoolgirl outfit, God bless him. F. and D. take pictures with Jack Skellington and Marie Antoinette and M.K.


xoxo G.G.
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Forget August happened, because here's September! [Dec. 22nd, 2011|03:07 am]
[Feeling |sleepysleepy]
[If this entry was a song it would be |Green Eyes - Wavves]

While September is considered the 9th month in the Gregorian calendar and nowhere close to the beginning of the year, it is interesting that when you’re going to school, you consider September as the beginning, when you look back on those years. This September is no exception, take a look in weekly order, the beginnings of the both anticipated and dreaded (but more dreaded) senior year

1: Thursday: Too bad F. and J.H., your 8 am Oncology class kinda puts a damper on your 3-day weekends for the rest of the semester. At Dunkin Donuts, not understanding that this is real life M.T., D.S., J.H., and F. Later that night, they were spotted at Kildare’s, Grotto’s AND Kate’s, Thursday Trifecta anyone? Friday: A. and F. mallin’ that day, F. and her white dress feeling even more like Cher in her white Calvin Klein dress, hanging with A.P., J.H., P.S.. Too bad S.R. was trying to spill on it at Timothy’s that night, whoops. Frat bro star B.M. has F. to thank for getting upstairs when boys weren’t allowed up anymore. Saturday: D., J., F. hang and miss the techno bus while riding around in one of those HenAfter10 buses, sigh. Sunday: After making friends with the neighbors the other night, F. and M.B. combine their respective houses to create a supergroup, on F.’s side A. and J. on M.B.’s is K.M., J.R., C.S., T.S., N.M., N.M., yeah he’s got more of a full house. F. meant to go to the gym but instead changes into her green romper to dage with the rest of them. K.M. who is the only one she doesn’t remember from that night, is apparently all about it. Later that night, F. meeting up with B.L., T.W. for some Deer Park Tavern Sunday fun. Too bad B.L. lost his credit card that night, T.W. went off somewhere, and F. got driven away by A. back to the neighbors where she had an important talk on the porch ending in something that funnily enough, lasted longer than this day.

2: Monday: K.M. and F. at IHOP, guess who paid? D. and F. gymdate catching up about last night and all that Tuesday: Kildare’s, F. is the soberest because she’s got clinicals the next day how sad. Wednesday: F.’s first day of clinical and she didn’t fail, she celebrates with A. at the Concord Mall (bad chickensnacks) and later that night Iron Hill Brewery where R.T. and K.S. are sitting in the booth surprised that F. has morning clinicals tomorrow. A. and F. sneak their cranvodkas out of there to drink at M.B.’s. Thursday: A., F., D.P., T.W. head to Philly’s Lucky Strike to meet Kyle Busch. Too bad he was too preoccupied with himself to say hello. Oh well, T. and F. have a beer chugging contest and call it a day. Friday: R.L. and F. seeing some special things, such as ECT aka shock therapy, and the controversial needle exchange in Wilmington, let’s not get HepB or the HIV now ladies. Later that night, oh you know they all went to Timothy’s to swim in the sea of assholes. Saturday: GTT: Gym-Tailgate-Togaparty. At Kildare’s for post-tailgate food, F., T.W., A., K.M., M.B. and T.’s gf S.V. as their waitress, what a dinner party. Kappa Sigma toga party consists of A. and F. witnessing the atrocities down in the basement of consented rape, and F. being referred to as a goddess because her toga was nicely made, in a different fabric and color other than white cotton, and had the accessories to match. She might as well have walked out of the Spartacus set for all these little frosh knew.

3: Monday: Speaking of Spartacus, RIP Any Whitfield the original Spartacus, F. cried about it in Oncology class as that is what he died from. Blasts from the pasts in the form of dinner at Russell Dining Hall and some Morris library studying. Ew. Tuesday: Gym and Kildare’s, nothing especially special. Thursday: Mallin’ for A. and F., typical. What isn’t typical is the Target after-hours shopping event that A. led, supported by F., J., M.T., E.K., J.F., L.R., D.P., J.G. and assorted others. F. had K.M. carry her VitaminWaters and EasyMac home tyvm. Friday: GT, Gym&Timothy’s the usual Friday thang for F., M.T., M.S. O.S., A., J. Saturday: Another nonproductive day consisting of NDB, daging in the form of visiting the infamous KA house (F.’s first time oh-emm-gee) and the KappaSig one to take shots with A.G. Later that night, Klondike Kate’s for some jagerbombs courtesy of T.W. aka Ronnie of course. Sunday: F. and her sleepovers are starting to become a habit, A. and her Nascar gig has F. getting pimped out at Grotto’s.

4: Monday: Another gymdate for D. and F., a meeting led by M.T., F., S.P., T.G. yawn. Tuesday: Gym and Kildare's, the usual Tuesday combo. A., D., F., J. sing Destiny Child's "Independent Woman". Wednesday: After clinicals, F. and A. spotted at Klondike Kate's for that 1/2 price salads and sandwiches deal Thursday: Last day of clinicals, F. could not be any sadder than her first rotation is over, and it's the best one at that. Olive Garden to celebrate, and mallin' for F. and A.M. afterwards. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on tonight, F. makes a status about it and guess who responds via text? None other than D.S./B.C. himself, trying to get in for the weekend? We shall see...Friday: A conference for A.M., P.S., and F. feeling like real people, although P. did describe F.'s outfit as something Mick Jagger would wear? For nightly activities, F. turned to B.L.'s to get herself nice and blackout, rookie mistake F., did you just turn back the sands of time? Saturday: NDB, typical, F. trying to make sense of last night. Hey, at least she's now 4square mayor of NDB! For evening activities this time, running around Newark, from Kildare's down to Kate's. Sunday: 917 am, G.G. spotted turning out of his driveway with a girl in the front seat...maybe KA boys are gentlemen sometimes. However, whoever spotted G.G. must've been up for some reason on this wonderful Sunday morning...

5: Monday: After a full day of classes and gymtime, F. spends some quality time at B.L. and T.W.'s watching the game. Boring old Monday stuff. Tuesday: F. at the gym, then F. eating nachos at Kate's. At Kildare's, R.B. aka Justin Bieber himself, was written in the karaoke for the next song, his name was never called? What is this prejudice against famous celebs? Wednesday: F. actually being studious, spotted at BrewHaha grading papers and telling L.J. that these juniors do not know how to use APA format... Thursday: The end of a wonderful rotation, complete with pumpkin cake. F. learns some sign language via her son T.M., A. loves up her girl Snookie in that night's JerseyShore, and F. is at Kate's rubbing her lips and showing boys her fingers aren't stained in her own L'oreal infallible lipcolor commercial Friday: Tim's of course. Saturday: F., D., A., K.F. at Border Cafe, everyone is excited. F. and B.L. on their way home from partying, stop at 7-11, with Gucci Mane blasting on the speakers. B. believes that they did that because it keeps black people from stealing. Sunday: F., A., K.F., S.W., H.B., P.M.&bf are at the Dover International Speedway for a NASCAR race, F. plays her role in her cowboy boots...

That's all folks. October-December coming up hopefully...

xoxo G.G.

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July, July. [Jul. 29th, 2011|09:52 pm]
[Feeling |contemplativecontemplative]
[If this entry was a song it would be |I Heard Love Is Blind - Amy Winehouse]

Here in weeks, July was a month of summer fun and yes, maybe some lovin'...and not..

During A.R.'s Pink Party, F. tries to teach D. some college party rules, F.R. and J.V. are all about the pong because they are fratbros, and F. is officially taken by D.S.
Mon: For the 4th of July, K. and F. doing their usual brunch at the Laurel, accompanied by the S. twins,
but before that, a stop at CVS and Synergy for some important life situations...
Tues: Back in Delaware, J. and F. go grocery shopping for the new house and of course picking up some Franzia
Wed: NDB for L.D. and F. for some catchup time, on the same day D.S. brings F. his puppy Murphy to play with, say it with me AWW
Thurs: A. comes back to the USA, F. surprising her at Philly International for being there, and D. meets up with the trio at Buffalo Wild Wings (because A. wanted some American food)
Fri: F. and A. for some good old American shopping at Christiana Mall, F. acquiring a new iPhone by batting her lashes, M.M.'s pregame later that night complete with lots of Jagermeister because they are Pike, F. and K.F. at Kate's while the rest of the crew get a drunk ride over to B.L.'s, running through F.'s favorite cemetery on North Chapel, poor K.F. didn't know F. already had D.S. waiting outside when she left the party
Sat: F. back at M.M.'s because she thought it was a pregame, wrong, they all daydrank and were passed out, and she and M. have a heart-to-heart while K.F. is passed out on the couch with M.D.'s friend L. while M. and F. took shots of Jager, F. running over to the Courtyards to meetup with R.C. (Burnett's Mango and Sprite unusually good combo), and finally F. heading to Cleveland for some well-deserved sleep,wrong, awoken in the middle of the night by a past situation, great.

Sun: D.S. dreading walking home, doesn't remember driving back to F.'s at 5 in the morning, he says sorry by making Chicken Parm later that day
Mon: Party at CiderMills, R.W. (really R.K.) and his housemates throwing a little party, F. makes an appearance and later 7-11 chicken rollers for D. and F.
Tues: Happy birthday to D.S., he chooses to celebrate by going to D.C.'s pool and later with F.'s purchased Miller's HighLife at his bromanced bro T.
Wed: L.D. and F. make creamy tomato soup, R.C.'s 21st, J. and F. head to above Yogoberry for the pregame, and to Kildare's
Thurs: UD pool for L.D., J. and F., and later J. and F. finally trying that Indian place on Main Street..
Fri: D.S. and F. visit L.D. at Cheeburger, cute.

Mon: D. and F. get some last minute hangout time, K. visits Newark, meeting the Pike boys, and they all head to Deer Park Tavern, F. spotted blacked out on the way home running away from everyone, oh joy. J. and M.T.'s friend S. are having fun, and S. and M.T. come back to the FB for those beers they supposedly forgot there.
Tues: F. (surprisingly not as hungover as she should be) spotted at Panera ordering for 2, while more hungover K. waited at home for food
Wed: F. makes a fuss about going to Stateline for the beers, D. and J. settle for a place by Maryland for those Budweiser AmeriCans, J. stops by for barbecued foods, upset F. goes away to CiderMills to R.W.'s where J. and R.T. get along, D. and F. play the come-over-before-pass-out game, not fun.
Thurs: A mortified F. does a walk-of-fame wondering if she will be branded a slore by none other than D.S.' mother, passing out when she got home, awoken by a rather attractive detective cop about a break-in across the street. Paranoid F. now thinks that J. got abducted and sounds the alarm, calling everyone from R.W. to A. to R.C. about her whereabouts. Too bad she was really just at McKinley Lab getting scientifically research tested with no phone battery. After some errands, the pair meet M.T. and his friends at UD Pool for some slides and shots. A late lunch at Iron Hill (or Iron Dick as M.T. likes to call it) courtesy of M.T., filled with chicken nachos, lots of beers, and hummus. Later that night, A. comes back from LI to join J. and F. at R.W.'s where B.M. makes the funniest comments about not drinking anymore. F.'s off to Cleveland, goodbye all.
Fri: OC, MD. J.'s got work all weekend, so it's A. and F. off to Ocean City for the weekend. First stop, lunch at Higgin's for some steamed crab in Old Bay seasoning. Later that evening, D. arrives, pregame shots happen and it's off to Seacrets where F. causes trouble by dipping her feet in shorewater, meets ugly guys for shots, A. and J.P. reunite, and D. consoles a crying F. with sandwiches
Sat: Kid Cudi performing at the boardwalk today, FDA get to the Dew Tour early, but not early enough. What is up with Maryland children being obnoxious and so impressionable? A. and F. compare to the NY scene and thoroughly dislike, getting into fights with the girls behind them. D. starts the trend by leaving through the front row security and they watch from the sides. Lazy Lizard's for some nightcap drinks and it's back to the apartment for a quiet movie night in.

Sun: Rather upset at the turn of the events, F. reads her Chuck Palahniuk while D. and A. watch Bradley Cooper (irony?). Dinner at Dead Freddie's and it's back home for another quiet movie night except A. sneaks out using D.'s mom's keys, scandalous.
Mon: After Applebee's breakfast for A., it's off home to Newark where A. finally gets some time with C.M., while D. and F. have dinner at SantaFe, pregame and go bowling.
Tues: Though leaving later than planned, A. and F. finally make the move back to NY, F. making a very stupid mistake, almost remniscient of that time she did with K. and C.B. all those years ago. On top of that, Amy Winehouse's recent death, watching Harry Potter 7 Part 2 tonight with K. and M.N., this was just a tearful night overall.
Wed: While doing laundry, F. gets the call and as Lil Wayne said, put your hands up if you're single for the night...
Thurs: F. and D.R. get some sibling hangout time, at the beach tanning and swimming, while D. recalls her own history with J.C. just last year where the roles were switched. F. goes hard at the gym, visits the gma, and makes a phonecall on the boardwalk for some closure.
Fri: F. does some yoga, and at the moment, maybe doesn't need the 2 weeks that Charlotte would have given her if she knew her situation.
Sat: D. and F. at the beach for a photoshoot for some new Facebook profile pics. People walking along the beach are confused as to why 2 girls were taking pictures of each other with their iPhones..

In summary, July was quite an eventful month, for something in the summertime. There's August empty of Newark time for F. and A., but what will happen in September when everyone comes back? Till next month, keep it interesting.

xoxo G.G.
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june's 1st half [Jun. 19th, 2011|02:16 am]
It's the first full month of summer, and everyone's got their own little plans of vacas, internships, jobs, and nothings.

The FB in a clamor, hardcore packing before Lang gives them all the boot.
F. gets the usual visitor, getting there before she even gets in for her post-packing shower.

"ROOMMATE EMERGENCY!" wakes F. and D.S. up, apparently J.'s movers are a no-show.
Plan B, by D.S., rent a truck, the plan only being successful with the help of himself. Well, now P.M. and his other bros know all about it, spotted carrying one of F.'s box out back.
J.F. and L.D. moving everything into the house, Cheesecake Factory giftcard for them, 30 pack Coors Light for D.S., courtesy of the FB
C.E. house A. and F. for the night, what a great one.

More unpacking and A., F., J. end their long moving day with chickensnacks from Christiana Mall's food court (they deserve it)
Spotted J.S. there for a job interview at Lucky
Back on Long Island, F. catches up with her first show, Supernatural, oh great, guess who looks like Jensen Ackles?

Serving some clinical hours, F. realizes she does not want to call everyone the same name when she's 90.
In the evening, D.S. and F. bet on the NBA Finals Series, D.'s got the Mavs, F.'s rooting for Miami (of course, with her connection to B.B.), too bad she lost. At least the wager is pretty straight.

A. and K.F. visit Long Beach for the beach with F., and since it was a sandstorm,
Beach House was the new destination.
Late night phone conversations, gay, yes, but they're still happening...

In the city, F. and M.N. at the Fat Black Pussycat, just a few steps away from where they used to sakebomb way back in high school, how coincidental,
outside while smoking cigs (bad yes), M.N. saying hello to D.S. via F.'s cell, apparently she's "dynamite"
Penn Station pizza and it's back to LB

Mavs and Heat, again, F. lost, again.

At the West End bars, F. and K., with A. and K.F., with the best surprise,
C.L. and friend, in LB randomly,
experiencing Beach House, Trainor's and other WestEnd nightlife

Applebee's for A.'s last meal in America (but not really),
F. and A. sleepover, Sex and the City to sleep.

Delaware, Border Cafe for dinnertime starring A., F., J. after a long day of errands

A hailstorm during the drive to D.C.'s for F., D.S., J., T.
It's a basketball game for everyone, but a meet and greet for F. in terms of D.S.' closest high school friends, uh..
Another game lost for F. and that's the end of the series,
Night swimming and a nightcap on D.S.' lap and it's time to go.

Ocean City for the weekend, dinner by mama S.
Seacrets for D., F., J., VIP golden cards of course, with the addition of J.S. and none other than A.R., random but goodie.
At Seacrets:
- A.R. not making friends with any of the guys there, almost getting in a couple of fights, what is he doing wrong?
- V.F. is also there?! Running around, spending over $100 on drinks, getting kicked out by a bouncer and trying to negotiate with him, as A.P. would say, "Whoops"
- J. to J.S.: "You don't even know her!" on F. being able to hold her own while talking to an old guy
- F. being fed 2 P&Ps (Patron and Pineapple), also given $50 by an S. for talking to him, literally.

Spotted at Bayside Skillet, F., J., D. having a beautiful hungover brunch
Back to sleep until it's time to party again,
Macky's where F. gets a pair of sunglasses while playing beerpong celeb shots,
Back to Seacrets
- D. at the bar, telling a boy that she was an accountant and that she would count his money, then use it to buy herself a drink. Why? "Because I deserve it" she says.
- V.F. learned his lesson the night before, definitely more sober now.
- F. getting tricked into taking a picture with some guy, hopefully it won't be on the website.
Also, spilling all of her first cranberry and vodka all over her dress, which strangely enough, dried in minutes, probably fulfilling its function as a Miami dress.


Back to Newark, cleaning and organizing for F. and J.
D.S. coming over to collect his winnings, the Mavs won it all, but no sleepover.

At the pool, M.T., J.F., E.G. F. spotted playing Sculpa, F. just calls it her Tarot cards,
so she brings them over for dinner, L.D. with a positive but radical change while A.S. is all about the harmonious unions.
In the evening, J.S. holds a pregame for B.L. 21st,
F. and J. make an appearance, F. also dragging D.S. with her, of course it was a frosty reception.
T.W. and C.E. playing pong (undefeated) and J.E. asking F. if D.S. was her boy...
At Kildare's B.L.'s turned 21, "Teach Me How to Dougie" no one's really sure if it's a coincidence...
J., A.M.'s old flame also there working as maybe the only staffperson there, how are he and F. friends?
F. and D.S. at PizzaU ordering the Undergraduate, finding an aged surprise in F.'s little Daisy by Marc Jacobs pouch, but the last of it, with some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

J. and F. spotted at the Little Bob,
Bars in the nighttime for D., F., J.,
P.M. and J. spotted at Grotto's, a run to Kildare's where the trio found was full of townies, what a letdown.
D.S. not arriving till 4 am, at least F.'s got the Game of Thrones to keep her entertained.

NDB brunch for M.T. and F., they just want their chicken salad bagels.
D.S. takes F. to his new place on Cleveland, completely fratty minus a pretty exciting old-school bathtub that reminds F. of the Viserys bathtub scene in Game of Thrones...
A ride back to NY for J. and F., and late night sushi with the addition of K.


Attempts to get back on the gym grind for F. and more Game of Thrones

A fundraiser at the Sutton Place starring K. and F.,
K. winning gas giftcards from the raffle, some girl confusing F. for her sister, and
a move to the West End, Swingbelly's to meet up with A.C. and her bf,
Trainor's, and F. arguing with D.S. outside of it over who called who first (it was him)
Goodnight all.

Gym. Tan. TrueBlood.
And talks of a puppy.

xoxo G.G.
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week 16: finals/hamptons/delaware [Jun. 4th, 2011|04:51 am]
[Feeling |sleepysleepy]
[If this entry was a song it would be |Rollin' in the Deep - Adele]

Truly is the final countdown until the summertime. Here goes...


Someone didn't get the memo that the FB would be back in a week to move out,
but hey, F. didn't hate it.

Besides a cellphone ticket, the ride back to New York was not too bad.
F. attending sisterly D.'s concert, glad that they got glowstick bows, Harry Potter, and Pirates after her time in the high school.
Red Mango and pizza ended the night solidly for the sisters.

A night out at the West End for F., K., A.C., S.H. including The Inn, JR Sushi (the waiter being amazed that F. was just drinking the sake straight out the bottle) and Whale's Tale (Krusty Krab Bar)

Memorial weekend at the Hamptons for A., J., F., K.F. for K.'s 21st
Later that night at Phao, F. makes friends with H. the bartender for some free dranks,
K. and F. spending the night licking their ringpops while a girl wouldn't stop staring at them,
DJ Chile loving that K. is from the homeland as well,
K. receiving a birthday brownie from 7-11, A. is in love with corndogs

At A.'s uncle's Hampton beach mansion,
A. and F. pretty much kayaked to the island across the way, while K. and J. barely went past shore
A walk around Southhampton, Starbucks, Madewell (Alexa Chung's got a line there), an art gallery (Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor photos), an interior design store with furniture that K., F., and J. adored, and a strange boy store that F. stumbled into because there was a path, receiving a call from D.S.
oh good, because she was upset that he didn't text her back the night before, he makes it up with the offer of some moving help, A. likes him a little more now...
Sushi at Sen (next door to Phao) for lunch, and some ice cream
For the night, the girls get driven by K.'s bro for some karaoke at a bar,
F. attracting a C. who asked her if she wanted to do a line of coke in the bathroom, um...
A. and F. singing "You Know I'm No Good" by Amy Winehouse, A. calling for a second performance at Kildare's, then "Wannabe" by Spice Girls for A., F., J., K.
La Superica finding a fake B.L. and an Icelandic, F. later learning some Icelandic phrases from him and
Back to Phao where H. finally makes F. pay for drinks, sadly enough.
Another 7-11 run and birthday brownie and it's off home.

Tanning on the beach and being out on the boat during the day,
In the evening, spotted: A., F., K., J., and 2 underage boys (relax they're K.'s cousins) in East Hampton to watch Hangover 2
Before however, F. talks to her own BradleyCooper,
finally knowing how to deal with Mean!BradleyCooper, an important skill to have, he said it. Again.

A diner brunch before going back to Delaware,
J.G. and W.M. feeding F. a free 4Loko on the condition that she finish it in an hour,
D.S. back from Dewey Beach that day, could tell as well.
A. and J. go out to Deer Park Tavern to find that the band who performed at Seacrets the nights they were there were playing that night!

Next up, summertime and the living's easy...or is it?
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week 15: end of the (school) year [Jun. 2nd, 2011|02:12 am]
[Feeling |exhaustedexhausted]
[If this entry was a song it would be |Suck It and See - Arctic Monkeys]

It's the last (half) week of the year, whatever happens could reflect what the year was like, or what next year will be like oooooor neither. But see for yourself:


After finally being tested out for her skills, F. makes matzo ball soup, and M.T. comes over for some while A., F., and M. watched Gossip Girl.

After class and sushi at Mizu for A. and F.,
Kate's for 1/2 price nachos, A. and F. spiking their Cokes with Mamawana from the Dominican Republic,
B.M. and R.K. sharing a pitcher of beer,
off to Grotto's, a hello to D.W. (M.T.'s), and S.M., M.T., J.G. also in attendance
Kildare's where F. hated life but saw J.D. who via Facebook chat later gave her advice on what she should be doing,
D.S. is quite inebriated, and after a few mean and nice words (schizophrenic style), bedtime happened.


A piece of paper for evidence, and it's goodbye (no X's or O's involved) for D.S. in the morning.
At the Little Bob, F. running into D. where they talk about the current events, and later "studying" in BrewHaha where F. hid him away in the secret drawer.
At Club Morris, F. and D. found by K.D., and right next to them was another of D.S.' bros, of course.
An all-nighter starring M.T., H.G., A.D., F. for an exam...


An exam later, nothing happens after. Yep it was that bad.


After yet another exam, and the Little Bob,
F. runs into E.B. who tries to lure her into the highest floor of Memorial Hall pretending he was finding some hidden treasure, too late you're graduating.
C.C. is now official with her formal date C. while F. sulks in a corner studying for Peds,
but not for long, A. and D.P. are in the living room while D.S. once again is allowed into the FB...
who let that boy watch a romcom? His words sounding like it came out from Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, etc.


M. and F. studying, strangely enough on this lovely Saturday.
D.P. has a party at her apartment, with the help of biggie A.
F. runs away across the street to the UC Courtyards to meetup with a more concentrating D.S.,
C.R., D.S., E.T., and others from the formal weekend were in attendance,
A.M. and J.K. hitting F. up, why haven't they come to the conclusion yet?


A. and F. on the couch all day for a Harry Potter marathon,
Matzo ball soup night,
Deer Park Tavern starring K.S., F., A.,
T.S. spotted upstairs quite close to a biddie so that F. couldn't even say hi,
later informed by J.G. downstairs that it's T.S.' 21st tonight,
B.G. and S.L. are out on the balcony,
A. being told about D.R. without her asking, F. smoking a cig from K.S. without having to be polite, K.S. needs to be taught how to order drinks from the bartender in the quickest way possible, well she's not from NY.

Finals Week, next week.

xoxo G.G.
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week 14: formal. [May. 19th, 2011|09:10 pm]
[Feeling |nostalgicnostalgic]
[If this entry was a song it would be |No Hands - Wacka Flocka Flame]

This week is all about leading up to the weekend, the main focus being FIJI formal. Never mind that F. was there last weekend for D.'s birthday, OC is the new weekend getaway...

After their exam, M.T. and F. in front of NDB spying on T.R. and his adorable dog.
At the LittleBob, J.E. and T.W. working out together, awkward for F.
R.S. is on a bench lifting things, he and F. reminiscing about the parties his roommates threw way back F.'s freshman year
A. has to drop something off at CampusSide, F. comes along to talk to C.C. who's going to formal with C.G. about coolers and alcohol and if this was really happening.
F. on the phone has got D.S. impressed about her new knowledge on his fraternity.


After their respective classes, F. and D.S. meet in her room for Anchorman.
F. runs over to her Art History class just in time to find out that her essay wasn't even there: R.P. and F. excelling in class so much that the professor photocopied their essays to save, you go Harrington children.
At D.'s to get ready for Tuesday night fun,
At Kildare's,
- F. doublefisting due to the free beers
- D. spills drinks and is hated by the waitress
- A. wants her some cranvods
- C.L. making a special guest appearance just in time to feed F. her tequila
- D.R. and A. in the same place you can almost feel the tension
- B.S. is there but not hanging with J.L.
- M.M. is there, needs to stop stalking F.
- Karaoke time, they sing "Blame It"
- D. and F. pulling a Gift-of-the-Magi where they sacrifice to get the other a glass of beer, aw.
Remember that book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"?
Well F. and D. the end of the night, run around looking for cigarettes after D. receives and shares one from a random boy. They are successful for a little but D. wants to leave and it's goodbye everyone and a walk back home...
but not before a stop at Mojo's where F. gets the bright idea that they would find more cigarettes there
D. gets into TrueBlood mode and is pretty sure that Mojo's=Fangtasia and wants to be a vampire.
Although it was past last call, F. and D. get in anyway thanks to a bouncer who likes their looks.
F. and D. spotted dancing on stage even though they probably should not have been there and F. finds a guy who was willing to give 2 cigarettes away.


F. brings it back to high school when Research class makes her dress up and present her powerpoint project with G.P. to important judges in Trabant.
Same kinda deal she had with D.S., they just made things up.
A. and F. and errands including cooler-buying and alcohol for the weekend.

F. fails at cooler-decorating, waiting impatiently for A. to come back
A. and F. meet up with D. at a party on Choate, actually there is no party. Really supposed to be C.E.'s 21st thrown by D.G. he never comes.
They leave for Kate's and cut the line (the ones behind them were not too pleased), while C.G. and A.M. also behind F. talk to her about the weekend's activities...
The line was too long and they make moves to Grotto's and Kildare's
As A. is dressed in Long Island mode, so is her senses as she swears that people around her are talking about her
A move up to Kildare's, this time not so eventful.
Some black guy hits on A., F. literally hits him but only because she thought it was C.E.
B.R. and M.M. are friends how weird.

F. and M. at Christiana Hospital to see some operations.
For M. a hysterectomy and for F. a right carotid endarterectomy.
A run to the NLN, and F. has no time at all to get ready for OC,
getting picked up by D.S. shortly after she got home.
A stop at The Greene Turtle for dinner, D.S. pays for F. for the first time ever.
The first night at the Plaza Inn Hotel, with everyone going to formal, F.'s sitting there wearing D.S.' North Carolina shirt.

A boardwalk breakfast for D.S. and F., thanks to G.S.' instructions, F. paid this time.
Though the weather was so not beach, many did it anyway, what dedication.
F. opted to take a blanket from the hotel room party and hangout with it.
Games of FlipCup and GetTheFuckOut were played,
a nap in between the daydrinking and the nightdrinking and it was round 2.
Also, that old saying about saving water and showers were utilized.
Tables were broken, glitter was thrown, and a very sketchy J.B. spilled all over the carpet,
G., C., D., and F. had a plan way ahead of time, calling Johnny's for wings and pizza,
bringing many people flocking over to try and get some, D.C. was the only semi-successful one.

And so ends the Ocean City weekend,
strange breakfast/brunches at McDonald's and Burger King,
playing Unblock Me on the car ride home

If only they all knew what was coming up next week..you'll know soon enough.

xoxo G.G.
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week 13: D.'s BirthWeek [May. 9th, 2011|07:36 pm]
[Feeling |cheerfulcheerful]
[If this entry was a song it would be |In Da Club - 50 Cent]

Not sure how long it took for D. to be born, but it's her birth week in that it is not her birth day, with last Sunday night's Deer Park being the start of it all...


F. and D. in the morning, F. leaving for a little for class and back to bed. M. and F. doing some Maternity studying while A.S. got cozy with M.B. from KappaSig on the couch not too far away from M. and F.


Although there was an exam tomorrow, M. and F. have an adventure, making an appearance at Kildare's where a surprised A., D., and J. love them being there. They're just in time for their turn to karaoke to 50 Cent's "In Da Club" as it is indeed, D.'s birthday.
F. finds P.M. belligerent in Dunkin Donuts and M. gives him a ride back home...too bad he doesn't remember it.

Exams, Club Morris (J.G. and C.L. spotted) for F. during the day.
Iron Hill Brewery in the nighttime, obviously. P.M. is with T.R. (sigh), and P. refuses to remember that he got driven home last night.
J.H. is reunited with her old flame S.M., A.P. and F. tell stories about mutual people, J.K. gets texted, and everyone gets Main Street Sliders in the end.

Kate's for the night, D., J., F. hanging out upstairs guest starring that guy who can balance things on his chin, J.E., L., B.L, B.R., T.R., R. (D.S.' g-big), M.F.
D.S. does not know where anything is, D. runs away back to her apartment, and F. gets a piggyback home.

F. plays school nurse, NLN at Pearson for F., M., and K.S. and it's goodbye Delaware, hello Ocean City, Maryland for D.'s (more) birthweek extravaganza.
Seacrets: F. is introduced to Dirty Bananas, SAE and KA are also in the house.
F. finds J.T. outside the bathroom, rather confused, and tells D.K. to lose her number, oops.
D.S. calls her to say that she sucks, more calling, and more dirty bananas later it was time to go home.
D. tries to steal a balloon from the nightclub but the bouncer didn't want her to keep it. Later, she tells D.S. the story.

Bayside Skilet for brunch, and ironically enough, AEPi boys J.F. and M.C. (with a new pair of sunglasses thanks to A.) had the same idea.
A stop at SigmaPi's beach, L.S. seems to be having a good time with her date. What's with all the coolers?
Beach tanning time, Springfest where Old time photos were done (FB bar maids), and Macky's for a late happy hour (more dirty bananas) where J.P. acquaints the girls to M.N., C., and his parents.
Later that night at Seacrets, J.P. and A. go off on their own, a Medusa steals J. away from D.
F. gets everyone a shooter courtesy of some guy who said she was wearing nice shorts (it's a romper),
F. and J. sit outside when some guys come by, apparently they're tennis pros.
D. plays her cards right and an E. gets dirty bananas for F., J., and D. for a total of $30, nice.
M.N. finds J. and F. on the dancefloor, a redbull&vodka, F. runs away before she gets seduced.
Back home, D. is eating food being sad, F. and D.S. yell at each other, the end.


At Dunkin Donuts in the morning, F. and D.S. talk about last night's strange drunken argument. A ride back to Newark, and a grocery trip and it's back to the old grindstone of Monday and the end of D.'s birthweek. R.C. comes over to catchup, telling her the partial J.K. side of the weekend, how interesting.

Literally 6 days of bars and partying, not a bad way to celebrate your 21st D.S., if only everyone was that lucky...

xoxo G.G.
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week 12: Country Music [May. 9th, 2011|06:14 pm]
[Feeling |busybusy]
[If this entry was a song it would be |Abilene - George Hamilton IV]

What is it about country songs that people hate so much? Compared to other majority-unliked genres of music such as death metal/bubblegum pop/hardcore gangster rap/etc., it's not like it's cons are that much greater. Oh well, to each his own, but in honor of western subculture, I present this week's The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: M. and F. tanning out on Laird turf and ice cream cake, A. and J. out at the bars,
The Bad: A.L. drunkenly sitting in his bedroom after a mixer, wearing just his boxers when F. came in with B.S.
The Ugly:  Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter movie that B.S. and F. fell asleep to.

The Good: Kildare's starring A.M. and F., with F. finally achieving her sophomore year goal, B.L.'s got a key into Wolf Hall for the afterparty, and F. learns about things Bio Premeds do.
The Bad: S.L. and S.R. were also at Kildare's, with S.R. spotting S.L. talking to F., as well as B.L. coming up to F. while she was next to S.R. It's okay though, S. is supposed to be taken. In addition P.M. sees B.L. buying F. a beer...
The Ugly: D.R. seeing something he shouldn't have, obviously that was going back to S.L., and F. getting her way for a price.

The Good: A. and F. at Iron Hill Brewery, doublefisting drinks thanks to M. who wanted to apologize for bringing his roommate to A.'s birthday party last Thursday. After Iron Hill, the mixer at Theta Chi.
The Bad: M.T. still being drunk from last night, seeing the contraceptives for that day's Maternity lecture, and remarks loudly "Now I don't wanna leave!" referring to her and F.'s signing in and skipping. F. skipping to "shower" but not really.
The Ugly: Outside, B.T. and C.B. talking smack about a certain fraternity and its upcoming concert, F. just looks at them.

The Good: A. buys F. lunch for going with her to Applebee's. A party at H.G.'s right next door to A., F., and J.'s future home. Guests including M.T., J.F., L.D., A.S., O.S., T.K., and A. finds a new D.R.
The Bad: A.K. texting F. to tell her that J.K. was too shy to tell her, but that she was invited to a party at their abode. Did I mention that A.K. and F. have a history? Awkward.
The Ugly: That guy who was so drunk that he tried to get cereal above the refrigerator and instead breaks a glass above it.

The Good: A. and F. at Career Services, with A. working on F.'s resume. D. and F. hangout time that ended in them going out. F. wears a D. dress and they head out into the night.
The Bad: Pike's party already broken up, P. never answered D., and awkwardness on Cleveland .But F. did figure out that the house had a special significance...
The Ugly: P. not answering D.

The Good: D. and F. hangout once again, pregaming with their own Sex and the City drinking game.
Drink if: Carrie wears something heinous, Samantha has sex, Charlotte says something romantic, and Miranda freaks out.
Miranda's freakouts killed them, and they headed to the Mac Miller concert in that state.
The Bad: Mac Miller never came. He was not stuck in traffic, he actually did not know he was playing.
The Ugly: S.S. following D.S. around the party, A. yelling at E.T. on Main Street in broad daylight. Later that night, F. gives in yet again, D.S. bringing a little apology present, and they watch Flight of the Conchords' Business Time.

The Good: Twice. Also, Deer Park for D.'s 21st birthday in the nighttime.
The Bad: Confession time. Looks like neither D. or F. kept their promises. D. thought F. was making it up to one up him.
The Ugly: Celebration all over campus for Osama bin Laden's death. F., A., J. finding Main Street crowded with people after the bars called last call. D.S. was part of it.

Can't have the good without the bad. That's all.

xoxo G.G.
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